Monday 15 September 2014

Labour loses the Scottish plot and shows contempt for its voters

I am stunned by this desperate throw of the dice from Labour which tells people that if they are too stupid to understand the issues at stake all they have to do is vote No. The headline: If you don't know, vote No! cannot have any other meaning.

Time was when Labour believed in workers' education, in night classes, public libraries and Ruskin College, Oxford. Then the party would have said that if people did not understand something they should educate themselves on the issue. Now it seems to think that its voting residuum are thick as two short planks, so it advises them not to trouble their addled brains with the issues of Scottish independence and just vote No to it.

This is not the first time that the Labour dominated Better Together campaign has demonstrated its contempt for the ordinary people that as a party it was set up to represent. Just two weeks ago an unnamed Labour figure in Better Together dismissed the Radical Independence Campaign's drive to register voters by saying: "People with mattresses in their gardens do not win elections."

That earlier matter could be dismissed as anonymous gossip, but the letter reproduced above has the signatures of both Gordon Brown and Johann Lamont on it. That means it's official: the Labour Party thinks we are too stupid to understand what is at stake.

Let's show them that we understand only too well that the only hope that ordinary people have of a better tomorrow is to vote Yes on Thursday!

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