Saturday 6 September 2014

Noes now resort to censoring the news that doesn't fit the narrative

Yesterday the Scotsman newspaper ran an amusing account of how Labour leader Johann Lamont paid a visit to the Pollock district of Glasgow and was met with sheer indifference. Despite having an army of Labour activists knocking on doors, only three people agreed to speak to her, with many more only opening their doors to toss the leaflets that had been pushed through their letterboxes back into the hands of the Labour workers. Speaking afterwards, Lamont "insisted it had been a successful exercise and not a waste of her time," thus proving that she is quite mad.

By today the embarrassing story had been pulled from the Scotman's website, but not to worry as any number of people had already saved it. Click here to bring up the copy from Archive.Today.

This is an example of the Streisand Effect in all its glory.  Whenever someone tries to hide something, all it does is make the rest of the people want to see it for devilment's sake. Had the Labour Party not schmoozed the Scotsman into pulling the story only a few people would have chuckled over Johann Lamont's humiliation.

However, now a much larger audience can slap its collective thighs in glee at the latest unforced error from the No campaign.

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  1. Thanks for that amusing snippet. I have created this clickable link, if anyone wants to go and see for themselves. Sure enough, the paper is not allowing people to see just how bad this woman is.


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