Saturday 6 September 2014

Daily Mail claims that the English are being ethnically cleansed from Scotland

The Daily Mail is reporting that English people are now being targeted by Scottish nationalists who are in full blud und boden mode as they seek to ethnically cleanse their homeland of the Saxon occupiers.

Yes, I know, it is wank of the highest order, since there are over 400,000 English people living in Scotland and if brown shirted mobs were attacking any of my kith and kin I am sure that I would have heard something about it.

The Mail's story concerns one English couple who seem to have problems with their neighbours and are selling the tale of "savage racism turning Scotland into a no-go area for the English" into a nice little earner. So weak is the Mail's story that it has to be padded out with yet another telling of Jim Murphy and the egg incident. That may or may not prove that some Nats are over enthusiastic, but doesn't demonstrate anything about the English.

Why is the Mail running this lie? The only possible answer is that with less than two weeks to go to the referendum, the Noes are running scared so now is the time to throw anything into the mix in the hope that something, anything, will prove to be a game changer.

They have good reason to go into sphincter clenching mode. Up until a couple of weeks ago if I saw someone on the street wearing a Yes badge we would often stop and chat about the referendum, but now as more and more people sport them it has just become something so normal that it passes unnoticed. The number of Yes posters in windows is growing by the day, with the result that we stop noticing them as well. So some people are now flying Scottish flags with the word YES written on them, just to attract attention.

It is too early to claim that victory is assured, but one thing is certain: the No campaign seems to have fallen apart and no longer has a coherent strategy as we enter the last few days of this campaign.

Hence nonsense like this from the Daily Mail

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