Monday 6 February 2017

UKIP's Stupidity Could Give Labour Victory in Stoke

If you are gonna do a smear, then do it properly, that's what I say. Do not do as UKIP are currently doing and fuck it up so that people then laugh at you rather than take notice of your smear. 

Take the above image as a case in point. The original photo is on the left, and then some fucktard decided to Photoshop an English flag on it, which is the image on the right. However, being fucktards they forgot that if they can find the original photo on the web, then so can we. 

They also managed to balls up the fake by failing to reproduce the flag properly. Just look at the cross and see how the downward line is broken by the horizontal one. An obvious Photoshop error, which is repeated in the small flag on the far house, which means they used the same image twice.

Then we have this puerile example, with the genuine photo on the top, and the UKIP fake beneath it. Again, easy to find the original, and why in the name of God's left bollock did the Kipper smear team not learn how to blend the inserted image of the bird in the black bin liner seamlessly into the original photo? I mean, everything about this screams fake, doesn't it?

Finally, let's consider the smear which isn't, but UKIP are too stupid to realise that. They have started telling people that back in 2010, Gareth Snell described the aspirational capitalist arsewipes who appear on shows like The Apprentice as "rancid twat bags."

In a one-class town like Stoke, where the only people hated more than the employers are those who arselick the employers, how is that going to help UKIP? 

All it does is make Labour's candidate more agreeable to the voters that Labour used to ignore.

UKIP had an open goal in Stoke, but all they are doing is ballsing it up. If Labour holds this seat it will be because the UKIP opposition are so God awful.


  1. Theodoric The Unpleasant6 February 2017 at 16:36

    And there's more: when he registered as a candidate, Paul Nuttall (who falsely claimed to have been a professional footballer with Tranmere Rovers and to possess a doctorate from what is now Liverpool Hope University, though the latter claim was blamed on "an over-enthusiastic researcher") gave as his home address a house he had never even visited:

  2. I am saving all this up for a later posting. I did plan to write about it today, but the Photoshop fuck up was too good to miss.


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