Tuesday 7 February 2017

Paul Nuttall & UKIP Seem Determined to Lose Stoke

The UKIP campaign to get Paul Nuttall elected in Stoke Central is probably the best hope that Labour has to hold the seat.

As I reported yesterday, UKIP's campaign seems to consist of idiots saying idiotic things which they think we cannot check. UKIP could argue that these are the antics of enthusiastic amateurs, but the scandals surrounding party leader Paul Nuttall show that amateurism goes right to the top.

Take the fake CV which seems to show that Nuttall once played professional football for Tranmere Rovers and holds a PhD from Liverpool Hope University. These have sort of been explained away as errors made by aides, which may very well be true, but not the point. Errors like that are not made by serious political parties: even the Greens don't make those embarrassing mistakes so there is no excuse for UKIP.

Then we had the strange case of Nuttall's address. He gave a Stoke address on his nomination papers, so a TV crew was sent to the house only to find that it was empty. Nuttall was then interviewed and the fool said that he was about to move in to the property.

That may very well have been the case, but he wasn't living there when his nomination papers were signed. Nutall then chose to argue the toss with the crew by saying that since he was moving in, that is somehow the same as actually having moved in earlier when the papers were signed.

On one level this is all trivial, tiresome and probably will not impinge on the local conciousness, but it also suggests a level of incompetence that is breathtaking to put it mildly. When the circus clowns of UKIP come up against the Labour election machine, you should normally put money on the machine, not the clowns.

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