Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Commons Votes for Brexit

The House of Commons has just voted by a massive 494 to 122 to pass the Brexit Bill with no amendments, thus ratifying the will of the people as expressed on the 23 June 2016.

As MPs trooped through the lobbies, some of Federasts who were still in the chamber began to sing what sounded like the old Rhodesian national anthem to me, which is amusing since the Rhodesians were a bunch of losers as well.

It is unlikely that the Lords will now have the temerity to oppose both the people and the Commons by putting down amendments of their own, so all being well, we can begin to say with great glee:

Brexit Means Brexit!


  1. Love the Rhoodesia anthem link LOL. What could they possibly have confused it with?

  2. God knows, mate. What a bunch of sad-arsed tossers the Federasts are.


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