Friday 8 August 2014

Why we should vote yes for Scottish independence

A No vote on the 18th September 2014 is a vote to accept the defeats of the past three decades and more. It is an acceptance that there is no alternative to government of feral capitalism, backed by a repulsive voting bloc of  middle class types and aspirational, Southern English scrotes. Vote no and from deep within the bowels of Hell, Thatcher will have won another victory. On Earth, her scabby minions will laugh, and proceed with their nefarious schemes to further impoverish the ordinary man, and his wife and their children.

On the other hand, if you vote yes you will be giving the two-fingered salute to all of them - to the banksters and the employers, of course, but also to the employers' men. The people who have been given a bit of prosperity by the system and who are now determined to keep it. The pissant people, who are happy with the pathetic anthills that they piss from.

This isn't about a currency, as civilisations are remembered for their artefacts and not their bank rates. It is about the ordinary people of this part of Britain deciding together that they want something better for their children than a country where their working lives are spent with zero-hour contracts, interspersed with long periods on the social. A world where people have to dance to the tunes played by lardy-arsed managers with their National Front haircuts and cheap suits who get a hard-on from giving people grief. On the 18th September we have the chance to wipe the smiles off quite a few fat, smug well-fed faces. Isn't the thought of that worth a trip to the polling station?

Let's be honest: Alex Salmond messed up the debate comprehensively. He was still trying to persuade the middle class that everything will be the same after a yes vote, when common sense tells us that it won't be. Independence is a gamble, a step in the dark, but it is one worth taking.

It is worth it because we know that without independence the future will be as awful as the past. Nothing will change and we will still live in a world where bedroom taxes, zero-hour contracts and benefit sanctions are the people's lot.

If you look at it in those terms, you have the choice between waking up on the 19th September and knowing that the future will be exactly the same as the awful present, or waking up to the possibility that for the first time in over a generation, the future might just be better.

Vote yes to make that possibility a reality.

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