Wednesday 20 August 2014

Why are the Noes suddenly getting frightened?

With the referendum now just four weeks away the Westminster supporting team seems to be getting more and more frightened, which is curious when you consider the lead that they have in the polls. The latest sign of this wobbliness is the charge that an independent Scotland would not be a member of NATO and would not be able to watch the BBC.

Come on, are we supposed to be frightened by this? The Scottish National Party split over membership of NATO, and it took all of Alex Salmond's loquaciousness to get the party to accept an independent Scotland's membership of America's warmongering organisation. He did that to try and get the middle class onside for independence, but since that has obviously failed,  why should the rest of us not view with equanimity the thought of Scotland being free not just of London, but of Washington as well? I would go even further and say that the thought of the Russian navy making a goodwill visit to Leith fills me with rather a nice warm glow, and if they send half the fleet, well, that just shows how much goodwill they have, doesn't it? 

Who knows? Maybe President Putin will pay us a state visit? I don't know about you, but I much prefer a pussy lover to a bitch carrier...

Sadly, that will not happen because Scotland controls the northern seas, and is right next door to America's unsinkable aircraft carrier. Do you really think that the USA will permit London to make life difficult? The Westminster politicians will be slapped very firmly into line and told not to play silly buggers with America's strategic interests.

As for Auntie Beeb, what can I say? I use Cyber Ghost when I am abroad to watch British television and I also use it here in Scotland to watch American TV programmes that are not supposed to be shown outside the USA, and there are hundreds of others just like it. Most of them are free, easy to use, and they all fool the internet into thinking that you are pretty much anywhere in the world that you choose.

I wish I had an explanation for this latest bout of hand shandery from Westminster's stooges, but I don't. Refuting their latest spurts is easy, but trying to figure out why they are shooting their loads in this highly entertaining manner is rather more difficult.

All I can say is that something has loosened bowels in London that has made them throw caution to the wind and order everything to be thrown at the independence movement.

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