Saturday 30 August 2014

Why is the Better Together campaign nowhere to be seen?

The postal votes have now been sent out and many people will already have cast ballots to decide the constitutional future of this island of ours. Will roughly a third of the land mass break away and reject the feral capitalist way in which the whole country has been governed for far too many decades, or will fear of the future and a desire to keep what little prosperity they have, lead voters to reject that chance?

More and more houses are now playing host to Yes posters, and very many people walk around proudly with a Yes badge on their lapels. The polls show that in spite of all the enthusiasm for change, the No vote is still in the lead. This forces us to ask the question: where are the No voters? If they are the majority as all the polls say, why are they not strutting their stuff in a triumphalist march towards victory?

It's not as if the average No voters are shrinking violets as this short video of some Better Together supporters shows:

If you enjoyed the sight of the guy in the England shirt, here's a bit more of him singing a Second World War ditty, just to show which century your average No voter thinks he lives in:

So why are these people not out as part of the Better Together campaign? Either they are too drunk, or the people running Better Together in London are embarrassed by them are the usual answers to that frequently asked question.

That said, there is another possible reason that explains why the No campaign has been so abysmal. Consider this leaflet which has been sent out by Better Together to people who have signed up for a postal vote:

Just look at this and consider that it demonstrates that the Better Together campaign thinks that its target voters are such utter fucktards that they need to be shown how to cast a No ballot!

Looked at in this light, is it any wonder that the No campaign is nowhere to be seen apart from on the television? A sizeable number of its supporters are thuggish drunks who can barely string a sentence together and so illiterate that they cannot read a simple form.


  1. The answer is obvious. The noes are ahead in the polls so don't need to deploy their street fighters. If yes continues to rise then they will be deployed. That's the way the Scottish Tories have always behaved.

  2. Sadly I suspect that you may be right.


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