Monday 4 August 2014

Jim Murphy MP avoids a question

With the Indy referendum just a month away, there are any number of Yes campaign rallies and meetings up and down the country. The No teams are hardly seen, and Jim Murphy MP is probably one of the reasons why. Put simply, this 2 August rant in Ayr is typical of a No campaign that involves lots of shouting to very small groups of people:

In the video below, a woman tries to get Murphy to admit that Gordon brown lied when he said that an independent Scotland would not be able to get human organs for transplant from south of the border. That lie was shot down by the body responsible for matching organs with recipients, so all Murphy had to do was admit to that fact:

Instead he launches into a highly entertaining rant, whilst turning away from the questioner and refusing to meet her eye.

Maybe he was ashamed? If not, he should be.

Cheers: Wings Over Scotland

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