Monday 20 May 2019

The Guardian's Readers Show Their Real Hatred for Democracy and the British People

The screaming, hysterical attitude of the anti-democratic element is yet another reason why The Brexit Party will sweep the board on Thursday.

Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan has a piece in the Guardian today where she makes the obvious points that to win a general election, Labour has to win back all those seats that abandoned the party in years gone by. Most of those seats are in Brexit supporting areas, so the party needs to rethink its pro-EU policies.

I thought that it was a decent piece, so I left a comment. Best click on the photo to enlarge it:

Within minutes of my comment going live, the hardline, bedwetting Federasts were out and screaming abuse:

Yes, I know, the Guardian's Mrs Grundy quickly moved in and deleted one of the comments, but not before I had grabbed the screenshot in anticipation of that happening. It is one thing for Guardian people to think like that, but such thoughts must only be expressed over dinner party tables in the swisher parts of the country, not announced far and wide where proles may read them.

Yet another good reason, I would have thought, for people to vote for The Brexit Party this coming Thursday. We are not only voting to save democracy against its enemies, but we are also standing firm against people who believe that their votes count for more than ours. We must put them back into their boxes: if we don't they will come after our right to vote next.


  1. Well said - did you see this earlier today?

  2. I hadn't so thanks for the heads-up. It is wonderfully creepy...


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