Thursday 9 May 2019

The Federast Campaign Starts to Fall Apart

We must beware of hubris but it does look as if the Federast campaigns are starting to fall apart, so let's have a look at their wankery, shall we? Well, a look and a laugh, as there is no need to take these space invaders too seriously.

First up is the wonderfully inaptly surnamed Andy Adonis who is number two on the Labour South West list. Andy is on record as telling people that if they voted for Brexit they should not vote Labour on 23rd May 2019. Thanks, Andy, 'cos The Brexit Party really wants the votes of Labour Brexiteers.

Then we had the sight of Gavin Esler, a former BBC hack who is also standing for election as a Cuck who put forward the notion that Brexiteers are "village idiots". Thanks, Gavin, and we will make sure that as many Brexiteers as possible know what you and types like you think about us.

Staying with hacks we have a hackette, one Carole Cadwalladr, who does not seem to know that all election agents in every election are given a copy of the electoral register for their area. That's the full register, not the edited one that is sold to companies for marketing purposes.

Finally for today, as one can have too much of a good thing, we have Richard Bentall, of the University of Sheffield, a Federast who has complained to the Electoral Commission because The Brexit Party logo is too good! I kid you not: he thinks that having a good logo gives a party an unfair advantage!

It really isn't our fault that Change UK, or Cuck as we call them, is made up of people so utterly retarded that they cannot even sort out a decent party logo for themselves, which is why that joke of a party does not have one on the ballot papers.

It is also not our fault that the dipsticks decided to change their Twitter handle and left the old one for a bright Brexiteer to grab and then turn that old feed into a new Brexit one. The fact that most Federasts haven't cottoned onto this yet and are still lining to the old feed is just icing on the cake.

So, the Federasts are falling apart and have started to lash out at all and sundry. Soon, with any luck, they will start shouting at each other as they try to aportion the blame for the shagging that they will hopefully receive two weeks today.

Onward the Brexiteers!

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