Thursday 23 May 2019

Have You Voted for the Brexit Party Yet?

Have you voted yet? If you have half a mind to vote for anyone other than The Brexit Party, don't worry, that's all you need. If you don't believe me, just look what happened to 82-year-old, ex-soldier Don McNaughton who was telling for The Brexit Party outside a polling station in Aldershot:

Don reported that a poncy millennial type gave him the middle finger and then went away to return with a milkshake which he threw all over him. As far as I know, Don has refused to go home to get changed, instead, he is manning his polling station and letting everyone see just what the Federasts are like.

The Neo-Quislings are doing this because they are scared. Actually, they are more than scared, they are shitting their loads at the thought of the stuffing that they are going to get in these elections.

Your duty if you have not already voted is to go and cast your ballot against these tossers. Vote Brexit Party to put them firmly back in their boxes with the raucous, contemptuous cries of the British people ringing in their ears.

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