Monday 4 May 2015

Eddie Izzard flops in Glasgow

Damn, when I heard that there was chaos on the streets of Glasgow today I really thought that one of those Bastille moments had arrived, but it was all piss and wind.

The media bigged it up as one of nationalist mobs running riot, but as you can see it was just a forty strong press pack, about the same number of Labour hacks and half a dozen protesters. Most people were just going about their business, ignoring Eddie Izzard, the dress wearing weirdo who had been produced as meat for the baying mobs or something. Anyway, another English comic died a death in Glasgow...

I suppose that the hacks got a story, but it's a pity that it had only a tangential relationship to the truth. A bit like the time last September when they reported that Miliband had been hounded out of a shopping centre, something which I could call bollocks on immediately as I happened to be there and saw what happened

Sorry comrades, but if you were building up your hopes on the basis of dodgy hackery in action, then I have to tell you that the revolution has been postponed pending the arrival of more than half a dozen people.

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