Thursday 18 September 2014

Yestival Day is here!

The Yes campaign had my polling station covered, and the activist pictured above on the left told me that there is a roter so that it will be manned right through until the polls close at 10.00pm. The No team had not arrived when I pulled up a minute or two after 7.00am, 

My plan was to be the first to vote at my station today, but it turned out that others had the same idea and the first voter got there at 6.30am, a full half hour before voting began. The guy on the right in the photo above was the second to cast a ballot and he arrived at 6.40am. By the time I arrived a few minutes after polling began there was a short queue of people waiting to vote. 

The officials are prepared for a massive turnout. Normally there is one desk at a polling station, but for this vote there are two, with the voters from half the streets being directed to one desk or the other. That has the potential to cause confusion since there is only one small sign to tell people which desk they need to go to. Aside from that, the officials do not seem very experienced, and I got the feeling that at the desk I went to it was everyone's first time. To be fair, they are probably keeping the electoral old lags in reserve for later in the day when the bulk of the people will vote.

I will keep posting throughout the day as the mood takes me, but for now the great Yestival has begun!

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