Monday 22 September 2014

Labour is happy to work with the National Front

The Scottish Labour Party seemed to have entered into an agreement to support not only big business, but also the Scottish National Front to get people to vote No in the recent Scottish referendum:

As you can see from the poster on display in Aberdeen on the 13th September, Labour now reckons that it is "Best for Business," and never mind the people that private business has left on the cobbles in its drive for profits.

The woman standing on the right of the photo seems to be Sarah Boyack MSP, but who is the baldie at the front?

Here he is again, this time with Dame Anne Begg MP:

He is Dave MacDonald, leader of the Scottish National Front, a party which thinks that the BNP is far too liberal for their tastes.

Clearly they don't feel that way about New Labour, and given the smiles all round, New Labour seems to be very happy with them.

Here's Dave with some of his other mates, showing off their NF banner on the same day that he was photographed with the Labour crowd.

So, the New Labour Party is happy to mix with big business, the Tories, the Orange Lodges and now the National Front.

Is it any wonder that their core vote of unskilled and semi-skilled people who live on the estates are dropping the party like a hot brick?

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