Sunday 14 September 2014

Orange marchers enthuse No voters

Not the greatest video I've ever made, but it gives you an idea of yesterday's Orange march through Edinburgh. The parade was routed through this side street before joining the Royal Mile a little further along, which is where most of the spectators were located, not that there were all that many, to be honest. The Yes campaigners ignored the march, and concentrated on talking to as many undecided voters as possible, rather than wasting time shouting at these committed No voters.

That said, the march may have encouraged some Noes to come out and show their colours, as today I saw several houses in the swishier parts of town decorated with Unionist banners and posters. However, all that has done is encourage yet more Yes people  to decorate their houses, so in the battle of the posters, the Yes team are still way ahead.

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