Wednesday 3 September 2014

Scotland's electorate: the final numbers

Registration closed at midnight last night, so an estimate can be made of the final figures. Out of a population of just under 5.5 million, Scotland has roughly 4.5 million who are over 16 and eligible to vote. At the start of August, about 300,000 were estimated to be unregistered, and now we need to figure out how many of them have handed in their forms.

The only area where we have exact figures is the Lothian region which covers Edinburgh and three surrounding councils. The electorate numbers 705,000, and 645,000 are now registered, which is a rise of almost five percent over the past three months. That is as high as it has ever been, so if replicated across the country it looks as if just about everyone who is even considering to vote will get a ballot paper.

The question now is how many will actually vote?

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