Sunday 5 May 2013

Zombie Thatcher

She said that society didn't exist and now the evil old whore is back to make sure that it doesn't! Just when you thought that it was safe to go outdoors, you find Zombie Thatcher by Bronwen Winter Phoenix has arrived to disturb your sleep.

It's a short story full of wonderful characters like Norman, the unemployed son of an ex-miner from the South Yorkshire village of Goldthorpe, and the surreal Sylvia, as they struggle to survive in a terrifying new zombie-riddled UK. Their worlds turn upside down as, at the centre of it all, Zombie Thatcher makes her way towards London.

What a brilliant way to cash in on the old harridan's death, and at the same time laugh at the losers who are still weeping that Mummy Maggie is no more. At less that two quid, this short story is well worth having for that entertainment value alone.

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