Friday 3 May 2013

Daily Mail: Ken the cripple hates cripples!

The Daily Mail has a wonderful piece that has just been brought to my attention which says that I have "been accused of ridiculing the disabled." People, I have never been accused of anything of the sort, besides which I am disabled! I walk very badly with a stick, as you can see from the photo of me with Nigel Farage. I receive Disability Living Allowance to help me get around, and if anyone thinks that I am swinging the lead, then all I can say is that you cannot fake either my arthritis or my emphysema as they both show up on X-rays. 

Not only that, but I help crippled neighbours to complete the incredibly complicated benefit claim forms that the government gives to people like us. Does any of this make sense to you as anything other than a clumsy smear?

Earth to Fred McGlade: If you are going to brief against people at least get some of your facts right!


  1. That's a bit of a fallacy. It's possible to hate your own ethnic/religious/disability group, and there are noted examples of this. Not saying you're doing this at all, Ken, but it's possible to do that.

    I was sat directly in front of you at that meeting.

  2. Yeah, sure, but if you are not saying that this applies in my case why even bother to bring it up?

    What happened here is the Sash singing buffoon has finally realised that the SWP have played him like a violin, and thanks to his utter stupidity the people of Pendle Central did not get a UKIP candidate to vote for.

    So he is casting around with increasing desperation for other issues to justify his brain fart. However, the really hilarious thing here is that the the fool was most probably fed the story by that same SWP woman who he seems to listen to attentively.

    On Facebook I remarked that I was semi-crippled, which is true, and one of the Trots that has McGlade's ear then came along and became all shirty about my choice of expression. I am guessing that they then twisted that and fed it to McGlade who ran with it, thinking with pathetic gratitude that it helped to solve his problems.

    It is either that, or he is working hand in glove with the SWP! No other explanation makes sense.

  3. I'm pointing out that it is a fallacious argument. Can you do better?

    I can't imagine that the latter explanation makes sense. I know McGlade was a Tory, but I can't imagine that the SWP or the Thatcherite cap fits, in all honesty. He seems neither of those two, given my limited experience of the man. If anything, he seems a pre-Agreement DUP type.

    Anyway, he can't love Thatcher that much - she signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

  4. If you have evidence that I have ever mocked my fellow disabled then present it, otherwise your comment is just a water muddying exercise.

    As for McGlade, he must defend his own actions, and up to now they involve a clear relationship with the SWP.

    You were the man who called me on the 8th April, telling me that this fool was "fuming," were you not? If he called you about me it would tend to suggest that you know him rather better than your comment would lead people to believe.

  5. I am not sure I follow this, even though I have read all your posts. Are you saying that this Fred McGlade is working for the SWP as an entryist? Labour had them in the 80s and they are a kind of disease. Probably why the Tories were in power so long.

  6. No, I am not saying that, although it would be better for his self respect if he did admit to being a Kim Philby figure, because the alternative is to confess to being a fool who did not know that he was dealing with the SWP.


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