Thursday 2 May 2013

Fred and his fantasies

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott had it right as poor old Fred McGlade will shortly have to admit. The pity for him is that he decided to change his story about my so-called suspension so many times that even his fellow regional officers are starting to distance themselves from him. One such organiser even went so far to describe McGlade as "a fool," in a private conversation, which suggests to me that the wind is now blowing in my direction.

The full story can be read in my earlier postings, but for now I just need to make it clear that I spoke to nobody about McGalde's 8th April brain fart as I was frankly too stunned to think properly. I certainly did not speak to any websites or journalists, but somebody did because by Friday 12th April this fascist website was running the full story. If you read the account it is basically the truth about what happened, with some nasty adjectives thrown in for good measure. Who briefed the website so well? It was not me and the only other people who knew were McGlade and the press officer.

Later that same day I got a phone call from the Daily Telegraph who claimed that Tory Central Office had fed them the story. If true how did the Tories get the tale? If false, how did the Telegraph get it? I have no idea what the answers are to those questions, so why not ask Fred McGlade?

The Telegraph were only interested in the Thatcher angle and their questions were designed to get me to become embarrassed at my contempt for her. I told them that as far as I was concerned my comment had been very mild because as Nye Bevan once said, Tories and the class they speak for are just "lower then vermin." That was the end of that conversation and the Telegraph did not run the story. 

All went quiet until the following week when he spoke to the BBC who then got in touch with me with his claim that it was not about Thatcher, it was about some "offensive" emails that were sent to one "female activist" who was actually a member of the Socialist Workers Party, although for some reason Fred neglected to mention that bit of information. It is not clear why he decided to change the story. It may be because it was becoming clear just how many people loathed the old hag and were not sorry to see her toasting hell's furnaces, but change things he did and that is when it started to go pear shaped.

Within a couple of days he was talking to the Lancashire Telegraph and the political activist had become "a lady" and  my messages had been "obscene." This then changed again when he told the Nelson Leader that I had left "women feeling frightened and intimidated."

In other words it starts off as offensive to an activist, goes on to become obscene to a lady, and then ends up as intimidating to many women! This is frankly very silly indeed, and it is made even sillier by the fact that if McGlade continues with this story he will be forced to admit that he is aiding the SWP by his actions.

I quite cheerfully invite McGlade to produce his evidence that anything that I wrote to a Trotyskyite would be seen as obscene or even offensive to any normal woman - most of who treat Trots with utter contempt. I also invite him to answer why if it is about some Trot was I photographed with Nigel Farage just a few days before, which was after the Trot incident was over, but before Thatcher died?

In the meantime, today is local election day for large parts of the country. Thanks to Fred and and his devotion to Margaret Thatcher or the SWP - delete whichever does not apply - the good people of Pendle Central have been denied a chance to vote for the party that pays his wages, and that same party is £230 in the hole thanks to his eagerness to pay me off.

Nice work Fred: now for your next trick?

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