Thursday 27 June 2024

Will the Tories Become the Third Party in the Commons?


With a week to go until the polls open the only thing we can be clear about is that Labour has won. For the rest, all is chaos, including the scale of the Tory defeat, a defeat that could see them reduced to third party status in the new House of Commons. The polls are all over the place, with one yesterday predicting Reform to take 18 seats and another telling us that Nigel's gang will get just three.

The only thing that the parties are stirring up is apathy. Here in Edinburgh North & Leith, I have received a grand total of five leaflets from three parties - and there are ten standing in this constituency. Labour managed to send out three of those, the Lib-Dems one and the SNP also one. Only Labour and the SNP have sent out an election address using the free postage that all candidates can use - if the other candidates cannot even be bothered to do that obvious way to reach the electorate they clearly don't care if we vote for them or not.

Calling friends all around the country, I found the same story. Just one person reported a solitary canvasser knocking on his door, with the rest getting a derisory amount of political leaflets across the board. Is it any wonder that we still cannot say for certain that the Tories will be the main opposition party next week?

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