Saturday 15 June 2024

Why the Election is Now Good Fun



Sunak is 5'6" and Starmer is supposedly 5'8" but I have my doubts looking at this photo. Clearly, the blonde is taller than the pair of 'em. Now, I know that there is a difference between midgets and dwarfs, but I will be buggered if I can remember what it is. Shall we just settle for calling them a pair of shortarses?

This photo was taken before the first leaders' debate, but it reminded me of just why I don't really care which one of these two chancers gets to live in 10 Downing Street in July. I live in Scotland and just about everything that affects my day to day life is decided in Edinburgh and not London. Of the things that do come from London such as my state pension, there is unanimity between the two parties that the triple-lock will remain. Even Brexit is a non-issue, with both chancers determined not to discuss it. So, I settled back to watch the fun, without really caring one way or the other who won.

Then Nigel Farage entered the fray and what was tedious became very good fun indeed.

Then I discovered that Keith Vaz, a former Labour minister and washing machine salesman was standing as an independent. That the Northern mill towns where the Pakistanis are the only ones guaranteed to vote were breaking away from Labour and standing their own independent, Islamic candidates. That George Galloway and his Workers' Party of Britain were aiming for the Pakistani and the White working class vote in those towns with a campaign that mixes support for Gaza with an economic policy that I approve of wholeheartedly. Finally, that several Labour candidates in London have been prevented from standing under Labour's banner and are now on the ballots as independents, with the chief amongst them being the former leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

With Farage giving the Tories a serious collective bowel movement and the Islamists, Workers' Party and London independents doing the same to Labour, all of a sudden my heart was filled with glee as I realised that two parties that really don't give a stuff about me or the Muirhouse council scheme where I live, were about to tear themselves to pieces.

Hopefully, out of the wreckage, something better will emerge, but even if it doesn't I am determined to enjoy the show for the next three weeks.

Let's enjoy it together.

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