Wednesday 19 June 2024

Did Nigel Farage Have a Wobbly Moment?

Did Nigel Farage experience a bit of a wobble yesterday? He threatened legal action against the company that had been hired to vet Reform candidates, instead of just brushing off the media's whinings about someone being connected to some dodgy cove years ago. The press has been searching for stories like that and up to now none of those stories had legs as the press could not interest the punters. However, his threats to sue may have kept the tales alive, so let's hope that today after a good night's sleep he is back to brushing them off again. It really is the best answer that has worked up to now, so why change a winning strategy?

The people who will vote Reform really don't give a damn about somone saying that Hitler knew how to address a rally; what they want are candidates who share their desire to control the country's borders. They have had enough of the downright lies that the Tories have fed them since Cameron was in Downing Street, and they now no longer believe that the Conservatives are anything but a party of mass immigration. Ever since Blair's time they have known that Labour is the immigrant party, so Reform offers them the chance to vote for a party that seeks to answer their concerns.

It may be that Reform is now the official protest party that is used by voters to register their discontent at the other parties. If it is, then it does not matter to them that some candidates have a colourful background as they will still vote for Reform as a two-fingered gesture to the main parties. The aim is to force those parties to listen and take action.

Hopefully, Farage will realise this as he brushes his teeth today, and get back to his cheeky chappy persona that has served him so well up to now.

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