Thursday 19 March 2020

The Supply Situation Seems to be Improving

I woke up this morning and discovered that I am almost out of toothpaste, which is kind of embarrassing for a man who not only prides himself on being prepared but who has written a damned book about the topic. So I took myself off to Lidl and was pleasantly surprised to find that the branch had plenty of the stuff.

Nosing around I saw that there was a lot of fresh milk but still no UHT. What little had arrived around noon was quickly grabbed. A bloke told me that they have never run out of the pasteurised stuff, so milk is available, just not the sterilised variety. Pasta is still not in stock, but bread is plentiful and some of the ready meals are starting to return. Meat, fish and chicken are all readily available.

A friend theorised that there had been a run on chest freezers, so the tossers who bought them now had them filled to the brim and do not need to buy any more fresh meats. 

However, panic buying began here at the start of the month, but only for deliveries. That suggests that it was the middle class who were having a funny turn. Lidl do not deliver, so stock was pretty much as normal until last week when their shelves were stripped bare. The funny thing is that the red meat never got sold out anywhere, but the chicken did. There is still no toilet paper, pasta or UHT milk, so folk seem be getting the stuff that does not need to be kept cold. Make of all this what you will.

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