Saturday 28 March 2020

The Light Nights Are Back: Today Is Feast Day!

Every December I buy two turkey breast joints from Old Mother Tesco. One is eaten at Christmas and the other goes in my freezer for the last day of GMT, which just happens to be today.

So as I write I have that turkey in the oven, the gravy that was bought with it has defrosted overnight and is ready to be heated up and all I need to do is slap the goose-fat covered spuds in the oven when the time is right. They are also in the freezer, naturally.

I have enough decent port for afters that can be enjoyed with the Christmas pud that was bought in January when they went on sale. The custard is out of a can that was kept in the cupboard with all my other supplies.

The light nights are back and we are gonna get through this Chinese Fever thing.

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