Sunday 22 March 2020

Food Supplies are Slowly Returning to Normal

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the rich produce of the land is slowly returning to normal. OK, the shops are reasonably well-stocked, but I wanted to head this post with the photo of the girl and her nice pair so I had to come up with some reference to the richness of the land to justify it.

My local Tesco is almost back to normal in turns of supplies, and to make sure that it stays that way the shop is restricting some items to a maximum of three. There is still no toilet paper and to make sure that we all know that it won't be coming back any time soon the aisle has been given over to easter eggs. Likewise, pasta is not in stock and neither are most of the tinned goods, but baked beans are back with a vengeance and members of staff told me that the rest should be available this coming week.

On the subject of the staff, a hell of a lot of new people has been taken on and started today. Tesco doesn't have enough uniforms for them, but they are easy to spot as they seem so eager to please.

Many are university graduates who have been laid off and I fell to chatting to two fellows from the University of Edinburgh and it was quite good fun discussing if Edinburgh really counts as an ancient university as it was founded after the Reformation. It does, by the way, according to my interlocutors. They were quite firm on that.

From Tesco, I went to a Lidl and again the place was well-stocked, but lacking bog rolls, UHT milk and most of the tinned goods. Baked beans were in plentiful supply and they were Lidl own brand so cheap as chips.

Funnily enough, as most of the pubs are now shut, the panic buying today involved people of the male persuasion buying large quantities of booze. There are no restrictions on the amount a punter can buy so fellows were filling their trolleys with boxes of whatever tickles their palates. The laws that will force the pubs and clubs to close have not yet been passed by Holyrood so some pubs are open, but people obviously know that they will all be closed this coming week so to avoid the raging thirst, they are getting their supplies in now.

Presumably, then they will turn their houses into pop-up boozers and invite all their mates around which kind of subverts the idea of closing the pubs but never mind.

At least the rest of us can buy food.

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