Wednesday 24 January 2018

Now the Snowflakes Want to Change the Spanish Word for Black as They Think It's Racist

Allow me to introduce the people of Britain to the very lovely Becky Macias, 18, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, and is a native Spanish speaker:

Becky has a dog and had she named the mutt in English he would probably be called Blackie, but because she is Hispanic she used the Spanish word, which is Negro. 

Negro went missing and Becky was so upset that she put out an appeal for her dog on Twitter:

That was when her problems began as you can see if you follow the Twitter feed at this link. In a nutshell, people who do not speak Spanish decided that the Spanish word for black is inherently and wickedly waycist. Presumably, they will shortly start an online petition to get all Spanish speakers to stop using the word because a bunch of monolingual mental defects thinks that Spanish and English are just the same.

The good news is that Negro came home of his own accord and Becky is very happy about that:

The bad news is that these fuckwits are out there in Britain as well. They have crappy "degrees" from even crappier institutions that are now allowed to degrade the name university. They do local-government non-jobs and voted to keep the UK in the European Union. Their stupidity knows no bounds and they infest the web with their inanities.

We must not argue with them. We must treat them with utter and total contempt and let our mockery wash over them until they learn to shut they fat, stupid, semi-educated cakeholes around us for fear of receiving yet more of our mockery.

Our advice to Federasts and Snowflakes is simple, and is summed up with this little meme:

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  1. I've got a comment .....Negro, Nigger and many more words are quite legitimate so DO NOT STOP USING THEM>


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