Wednesday 31 January 2018

Can We Get Stormy Daniels to Come to Britain?

Back in the day when the Monica Lewinsky scandal was breaking I was offered a signed photo of Bill Clinton's favourite cigar holder but turned down the offer, a mistake that I did not make with Stormy Daniels. Thanks to Behind The Scenes, a major British autograph supplier I have the above-signed photo of Stormy at a price that can only be described as a steal compared to what the Americans are paying for this lady's autograph.

Say what you like about Donald Trump, but he has a fine taste in sleazy females. I mean, he's not only married to the only First Lady who has flashed her rack all over the web, but she also has a rack worth flashing, unlike almost all of the previous presidential wives who have occupied the White House. All I can say about any of them, excluding Jackie Kennedy, is thank God they stayed clothed when the cameras were around.

Sad to relate, but Melania Trump looks to me as if she is trying to put her checkered past behind her and start the slow, steady decline into respectability. Sure, she has a long way to go, but that seems to be her aim, more's the pity.

You cannot say the same about Stormy, which is why this post is about her. I dunno about you but I would just love to grab hold of Stormy's knockers, one in each hand, lift 'em upwards and outwards, and then stick my head between 'em and go brrrrrrr.

By all accounts, Trump is due to pay a state visit to the UK later on this year, so what are the chances of Stormy coming over as well?

I have written to her asking just that question. If I get a reply then you will be the first to know!

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