Saturday 6 January 2018

Now the Brexiteers Have Started the Great Beer Battle!

Here's another opportunity to stick the boot into the Federasts, get them all shouty, and give them an opportunity to tell us how clever they are before leaving them to feel like dogshit yet again. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the great beer battle!

Back in 2006, the EU insisted that the official mark of measure on a drinking glass be the "CE" symbol, rather than the Crown mark that had been there for over 300 years. Someone has started a petition to restore the Crown to our beer pots and this blog is happy to support that worthy aim.

The fun thing here is that various Federast types are now coming along and getting all shouty as they tell us that there is nothing to stop us having the Crown on our beer pots. They then tend to go on and tell us how clever they are and, well, you know the rest.

As is the case with the Federasts, they are actually very stupid or very disingenuous. I reckon the former, but never mind that, now. It is true that the Crown symbol could be on the pots, but only as a decoration, not the official mark of measure. That would remain as the CE symbol, and it is that which we wish to give the two-fingered salute to. 

Now, when we leave the EU just next year, the CE symbol would go, anyway, but there is no harm in supporting this cause as it gets the Federasts all would up and telling porkies about symbols as you can see if you scroll through the load of old wank that they are coming out with.

It's a bit like the passport row. Yes, we could have kept the dark blue passports, but they would still have to have had the words European Union above the Crown and it is that symbol of subjugation that we reject.

It's also good fun to wind the Federast fuckers up!

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