Saturday 6 January 2018

After the Passport Victory It's Time We Waged the Stamp War!

It is true that a commemorative set of stamps was issued in 1973 when we entered the old EEC, the forerunner to the EU that we are going to leave next year. Here they are if you can't remember what they looked like:

It is also true that a certain Miss Margot James MP, the Business Minister responsible for philatelic matters has announced that a commemorative set to celebrate our Brexit would be "divisive," and is therefore not on the cards.

Genial old Uncle Ken thinks that this provides us with a perfect opportunity to mobile our base, win another victory and leave our Federast enemies feeling yet again like something that the dog has puked up on the street, so let's got for it.

Britain must have commemorative stamps to celebrate our victory over the forces of bourgeois reaction and metropolitan freakery!

Symbolism is important. That was a point that I made last month when it was announced that we were getting our UK passports back starting at the end of March next year. The Federasts howled and screamed about that and went into yet another very engaging meltdown online, and the end result of all that was to remind the majority of the British people just how much the Federasts hate us.

That solidified our army and made them more determined not to enter into any negotiations with the Federasts over any idea of a soft Brexit. If you think about it, joining the European Free Frade Association would have been a perfect fallback position for the Remain side after their defeat and it was something that many Brexiteers would have gone along with. That is probably off the table, now, thanks to the stupidity of the Federasts and their strategy of demonising us as being people who are beneath them in the intelligence stakes.

So let's start the Stamp War, shall we? I know it is basically a rerun of the Passport War, but as I pointed out in my last posting on this here blog, the Federasts are the stupid ones and they probably won't realise that. Instead, they will get all worked up about how bovine we are when we talk about such trivia as stamps, and their hysterical attacks will help ensure the unity of our side as we head into the next phase of the post-Brexit era and the culture wars that are about to begin.

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