Friday 23 June 2017

Today is the First Anniversary of Glorious Brexit

A year ago today we voted to free ourselves from the clutches of Brussels. We had been told by various scum sucking Federast types that if we voted for freedom we would be condemning Britain to another generation of right-wing Tory rule, a line that I look back on today with a head-shaking grin.

Had we lost the vote a year ago then David Cameron would still be Prime Minister and the Chancellor would still be Gideon George Osborne. Dave and Gids would still be following their policies of austerity and nothing would have changed in any way.

Instead we sent Dave off to spend more time with his millions and Gids was packed off from Downing Street to Fleet Street. We ended up with a government headed by a woman who is obviously unable to think on her feet, that promised us that it would be strong and stable, but instead is clearly weak and wobbly. Waiting in the wings is a Labour opposition that is newly invigorated and thirsting for another election to give the final kick to scummy Toryism and send them off into opposition, hopefully for another generation at least.

We did all that. We, the Brexiteers, we created the chaos that has left a government reeling from crisis to crisis, in office but not in power, and just waiting for another event to crop up that will send them spinning out of office.

Now is the time to push on against a feeble regime. Brexit is a done-deal - we are leaving the European Union in March 2019 with or without an agreement, and it is time to start talking about the type of country that we want, once we are no longer restricted by Brussels.

How many industries do we want to nationalise? How many industries do we want to recreate? If we are going to start producing finished goods in large quantities again then energy is going to be needed so are we going to reopen coal mines and rebuild coal fired power stations to provide both energy and jobs?

None of these questions would even have been asked had we not, a year ago today, ignored the arse-crawling Federasts who told us to vote to remain a province of the European Union.

Hey, if you want to relive the glory days, why not buy a copy of The Brexit Collection, from Amazon and all good bookshops? If you fancy a signed copy for your bookshelf then drop me a line. It's guaranteed to really, truly, deeply offend every Federast and Neo-Quisling who catches sight of it.

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