Wednesday 28 June 2017

The Edinburgh Brexit Crew Reunited for the First Anniversary of our Great Victory

A good night was had by all last Friday as the group that helped win the Brexit victory met up for the first time since last year to celebrate that magnificent day. This is me, the semi-crippled old fat bastard on the left, sat with Tom, the former group organiser.

Here's the lovely Morven, sat next to her husband, Stefan. At the back the bloke with the beard is Oluf, and Otto stands to the front and on the right. I can't remember the names of the two fellas stood between Otto and Oluf, but they were nice blokes for all that and I hope they forgive me.

Here's Alan Melville, in the American football shirt. Alan is probably the last remaining Kipper in Edinburgh, but he's a great bloke for all that.

Finally, just today I bumped into Ian McGill, the owner of the Harmony Employment Agency at 142a Ferry Road, Edinburgh. As soon as he saw my Labour T-shirt he grabbed his Tory jacket and we had a photo taken. Ian is a good man, a committed Brexiteer, and unusually for a Tory, he has some human DNA in his body. Maybe it's the Scottish air, who knows, but Scottish Tories do seem rather more civilised than their feral counterparts in England.

T'was a great victory and we all have stories to tell our grandchildren: and mighty bored they will be!

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