Saturday 14 May 2016

Saturdays are Brexit days in Edinburgh

Today was a strange day here in Edinburgh with an unusual yellow orb in the sky which made everything warm. The shoppers were out in force to take advantage of the weather so we got rid of a lot of Brexit leaflets, took some photos and generally enjoyed ourselves.

I reckon that the Scottish government will be in for a shock when they find out just how many people who voted Yes two years ago are now casting in their lot with Leave. Having campaigned in both referenda, the attitude of the people on the street towards Leave is far more positive than it was in 2014. People were enthusiastic then, but they are more so now.

Somebody told me that they had seen a Federast stall today, which would be a first. We have the numbers and the enthusiasm, so can mount these campaigns all over the city. The Federasts cannot match that.

Come and join us!

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