Saturday 28 May 2016

As Brexit Day draws near, the Federasts start their panic attacks

Richard Littlejohn over at the Daily Mail was rather cheesed off with this poster, but I quite like it, albeit for cynical reasons of my own. I think it says everything that needs to be said about some of the Federasts and how they view us, the people of Britain.

Emily Wood learned this up close and personal when she complained on BBC Question Time about the fact that her disabled mother cannot get a council bungalow. The Federast reaction across the web ranged from mockery to the usual screams of waycism.

Then the BBC ran a documentary called The Last Whites of the East End, which really set the cat amongst the pigeons. The howls of outrage from the pure at heart who genuinely seemed to believe that this rather wistful film would lead to another Kristallnacht  was a joy to behold.

The reason why I like all this is that it shows to the ordinary people of Britain that there is an element within the country who genuinely hate and fear them. They are the trendy, liberal, wanky Federasts who are voting for Brussels because they see it as a bulwark against the people that they despise. Those type of Federasts talk a lot about democracy, but they hate it, really. They hate it because they know that democracy gives power to the demos, the people, and it is the people that they hate and fear.

These wanky little excuses for men, accompanied by scrawny-titted women with their frizzy hair and poor dress sense are what I call the polyocracy. They are sad examples of humanity with their pathetic little poly degrees, puerile desire for status and well-paid non-jobs in the wonderful world of local government.

And they are afraid. That is why they shout and scream. They know that we can outvote them if we only turn up to the polls and that frightens them even more.

On the 23rd June 2016 let's go to the polls mob handed and give them a genuine taste of bowel loosening fear.

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