Thursday 8 August 2013

Channel Four accepts that UKIP is Thatcherite


Andy Warhol said that one day everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Well, I have just had 15 seconds of that given to me courtesy of Channel Four TV. The station ran a UKIP story on Monday which included a very short piece about me at the 2.30 mark that I thought was very fair. Basically it stated that I was slung out of UKIP for joining in the general hilarity when Margaret Thatcher went off to fuel hell's fires, which is the simple truth.

It is also the truth that Fred McGlade, the full time organiser whose bout of pre-menstrual tension caused the rumpus in the first place, then tried to cover up his buffoonery by denying that fact in various press briefings, but I got UKIP to 'fess up to that truth last month.

Now then, does anybody really think that Northern English council estates will vote for a party that so clearly carries the Thatcherite torch? The Tories have already cut into the party's soft right underbelly with the promise of a referendum, and stories like mine, as they play out on the estates ,should be enough to ensure that UKIP does not get any working class seats either.

All in all the party looks fucked to me and they only have themselves to blame. What should have been a broad anti-EU coalition has become a narrow platform on which a diminishing band of small town Englanders stand.

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