Sunday 23 June 2024

The Stamp Fairy Scandal


I was planning to take the weekend off since I figured that no fresh Tory shit could hit the fan, I was right about the Tories but wrong about the shit as the SNP stepped up to the crease to give us our Sunday political giggles.

Members of the Scottish Parliament are given an allowance of £5,500 a year for stationary and stamps. The purchases can only be used for parliamentary business, so cannot be used for election campaigns. Needless to say, the SNP seems to have been using thousands of stamps for this election - in fact the party may have drawers full of stamps that are kept in storage to cover election postage. Not only that, but they boast about it online so there is a wonderful paper trail which goes right up to John Swinney, the SNP First Minister of Scotland:

In case you are wondering, Elaine Wylie works directly for John Swinney, so this one goes right to the top.

This is not exactly Watergate, and neither is the insider betting scandal that is hitting the Tories, but both scandals are what happen with political parties that have been in power for far too long and who preside over crap oppositions.

All the more reason to get the Tories out of government and to give the SNP a serious kicking in Scotland.

That's the reason why I cast my postal vote for Labour the other day, and the reason why I urge you to do the same, either by post or in person on the day.

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