Sunday 16 June 2024

Labour Lies

 Why does Sir Keir Starmer keep repeating his "my dad was a toolmaker" line when everyone knows that it is such utter bollocks? Rodney Starmer owned the factory in which the tools were made, it is as simple as that. By the way, the Starmer family lived in Oxted, which is as home counties plush as they come. 

It's not just Sir Keir, either. Emily, Lady Nugee, is the wife of a senior judge and the daughter of a very senior United Nations official who likes to pretend that she is poor Emily Thornberry who was dragged up on a council estate. Actually, when her parents divorced little Emily spent five minutes in a rented house until the divorce settlement came through and her mother then bought a nice house with some of the loot.

 Her Ladyship even went campaigning in Rochester and took this photo of a house with its England flags and transit van. It was as if she was a Victorian explorer seeing a Zulu hut for the first time, that is how remote these people are from my tribe.

Labour has always had an upper-middle-class element in its ranks. Clement Attlee, Tony Benn, my old MP Michael Meacher, were all born to wealth, but they didn't pretend that they were anything but wealthy men who had cast in their lot with the urban proletariat. 

Sir Keir and Lady Nugee both do: they pretend that they are just like us when it is so obvious that they don't actually like us, still less understand us. That's fine as it means we don't have to pretend that we like them, but I am curious to know why they think they can get away with it?

It may be that since Labour has now shed almost all it working class members and party meetings are made up of the teaching trade, social work industry and the local government nomenklatura. Few of such types even know anyone who is currently glued to his TV watching the football, still less socialises with them. So, they believe the bollocks that Sir Keir and Lady Nugee dish out to them.

However, the rest of us can tell from their accents, their dress and the way they carry themselves that they do not belong in our ranks.

A bit of honesty in future would be welome.

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