Friday 4 November 2016

A Very British Brexit Coup

Yesterday we had a coup. It was a very British coup, with no tanks on the street, but it was a coup nonetheless. The coupmongers were headed by a collection of wealthy foreigners, and bankrolled by a gaggle of super-rich expats, but it was still a coup. Three judges said that it really didn't matter that almost seventeen and a half million of us voted to leave the European Union, because it was all just an advisory vote, with Parliament having the final word. Needless to say, Members of Parliament can now be expected to start putting down hundreds of amendments to derail the process, with the aim being to drag the matter out to 2020, in the hope that events take over and a party wins the election that wants to keep us in the EU.

Also needless to say the metropolitan middle class who only woke up to the EU and began campaigning for it on the day after the polls closed, are now whooping with delight at what they fondly imagine is their masters' victory.

The decision demonstrates as nothing else could that our votes are nothing for the rich to worry about, as whatever we want can be overturned by  the state and its agents.

So it is now up to us to make it politically impossible for our voice to be ignored. We should blindside the coupmongers and their stooges by not fighting the coming battles in the way that they expect. They anticipate that we will whine about how the people's verdict has been overturned while they sit back and repeat the mantra that it was all purely advisory. They expect us to get bogged down in the minutia of legal debate, or maybe even just go away, having accepted that those who were born to rule over us know best.

 Let's not play that game. Instead we should talk about a coup, about judicial state agents who act only in the class interests of the rich and not us. The fact that it was men who wear what look like dead mice on their heads, rather than dark glasses and comic opera uniforms does not alter the fact that what they did amounted to a coup and it must be resisted as such.

It is for this reason that I am feeling rather chirpy today. The left are at their best when they are digging in for a long guerilla war against a capitalist state which they regard as illegitimate. The left fails when it loses the battle to persuade the people of the state's illegitimacy, but that battle has now already been half won, thanks to the three judicial stooges. 

We have been presented with an open goal that allows us to put the legitimacy of the state in the centre ground. We are the patriots, fighting for our country, against a foreign army of rootless cosmopolitans and their state hirelings. The fact that they are being cheered on by every big city weirdo in the land is just icing on the cake. We have the perfect cause, the perfect ground on which to fight and a collection of enemies that were almost created by a casting agency that sent out a call for actors who represent everything that normal British people loath.

I do not want to start counting our chickens just yet, but there is a fair wind blowing on our backs, that should enable us to make this about more than just Brexit. We can turn it into a fight about the future of our country, our democracy, and how we want both to be enabled in the future.

The Federasts who now find themselves in the position of cheerleaders for globalised capitalism have no idea of just what is about to hit them.

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  1. Not about left or right. It is about right and wrong. The judges were wrong and will be proved to be wrong. It is not for Parliament to veto the people's decision, because the Referendum Act 2015 said explicitly that Government, not Parliament, had to act on the Referendum decision, whatever that may be. This Government does not need to go to Parliament to get us out of the EU, it merely needs to repeal the 1972 Act, or invoke Article 61 of Magna Carta as upheld in the 2003 Act. The people have spoken and the Government must now put into action what has already been decided.


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