Friday 18 November 2016

Federast Funnies 5

I know nothing about Jon McNaughton, the artist who painted this rather nice bit of agitprop, but as soon as I read the Guardian's report, and the spittle-flecked comments, I knew that this was a fellow to keep an eye on.

In a nutshell, an American political commentator called Sean Hannity has bought the original and plans to make a gift of it to Donald Trump. Needless to say, the Guardian's sexually self sufficient best have now decided that they are all art experts and are passing judgement on the piece, with the gist of it being that they don't like it.

Staying in our nutshell, I got in touch with McNaughton's sales' manageress, and will order a 16 X 24 inch signed lithograph of the work to decorate my wall and annoy all the right people. I noted this fact in a comment of my own, which led to an exchange between myself and a member of the wankerati:

Needless to say, the last comment was deleted when the precious soul went running to the moderators, having had his feelings hurt.

I shall post again on this theme when I have the lithograph on my wall, but in the meantime, this is all good fun, isn't it?

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