Tuesday 15 November 2016

Federast Funnies 4

Here we are again, folks, with yet more self-loathing from the dear old Guardian.

The topic under debate was "Why Farage and Trump Have Dominated the Media," but it quickly spread into a general chat about immigration, which lets face it is why both Farage and Trump are so popular in their respective countries.

One bloke made the usual mocking comment about who will pick the cabbages if the third world part of Europe is not allowed to bless us with its cheap labour, to which I replied:

 "The same people who used to pick them before. Casual labour was supplied by the mums' army and students of the locality, supplemented by the unemployed who took seasonal work.Farmers, however, prefer to use East Europeans because it means that they can get their labourers via gangmasters at rock bottom rates."

The chat then ran thusly:

So what was my comment that the Guardian found to offensive to allow its precious readers to see? Here ya go, folks:
 Yeah, and I discovered just today that back in 1991 Birmingham Council commissioned an academic to write a report on under-age prostitution by girls in council care. The report found that most of the girls were white, with the rest being either black or mulatta. The men were all Pakistanis who drove private hire cars. The authoress was told to delete all references to ethnicity and taxis, and even then the report was suppressed.  I don't like the middle class as a breed, to be honest, but the lower middle class polyocracy, with their puerile little poly degrees and pathetic desire for status who now dominate the Labour Party really do leave me feeling in need of a bath.
 According to the Graun's censors, the comment was deleted 'cos it was off'-topic, but as you can see from the thread, it was a reply to someone whose comment was allowed to remain, so I'm calling bollocks on that excuse.

This is the Guardian, trying to protect its precious readership, who don't want to know whey they are hated by normal people in this country, so they delete comments that do not fit into the wanky narrative.

And that, boys and girls, is why the Guardian has to have a begging bowl out that takes up a big chunk of the main font page. There are just not enough sexually self sufficient, muesli-munchers to keep the paper alive for much longer!

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