Sunday 30 October 2016

Federast Funnies 2

Sunderland has applied to become a City of Culture, something which the Guardian reported. The below the line comments then became an hysterical rant about Sunderland, the North East and the working class who had the temerity to ignore the polyocracy by voting for Brexit. Just read the comments if you don't believe me. This was my reply:

Just when you thought that the defeated Federasts couldn't get any more pathetic they turn up mob-handed at the dear old Graun to show the rest of us that there are still deeper levels to which they can sink. I cannot decide which comments are the most puerile, because they are all equally rancid, so I will just leave you with this thought. We are the majority. The provincial middle class and the urban working class acting together can outvote the sexually self sufficient denizens of the London bubble. If your taxes have to rise to pay for Sunderland then that is all well and good. You can howl all you want as we outnumber you and can force you to suck up higher taxation just as you are being forced to suck up Brexit.

My comment lasted about two minutes before it was deleted on the grounds of being offensive.

Offensive comments are what the trendy middle class shit who have made the Guardian their home page left on the site, but never mind. We outvoted them once, we can continue to do so in the future, and let's all continue laughing at them in the meantime.

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