Thursday 27 October 2016

Sarah Olney, Lib-Dem anti-Brexit Candidate for Richmond Supports Brexit

Meet Sarah Olney, the newly minted Liberal-Democrat candidate for Richmond in the forthcoming by-election. Zac Goldsmith is the Tory who has resigned over the expansion of Heathrow airport and who plans to fight the election as an independent who is opposed to the expansion. The Lib-Dems are also opposed, and want to make the contest about Brexit.

So why did they choose Sarah Olney who is on record as opposing another referendum on the issue? Another vote is exactly what the Lib-Dems have been whining about ever since they and every other Federast in this country was left with their arses hanging out of various windows on the 23 June this year. Now they have chosen a candidate who stands in opposition to the policy that her party thinks will save them from extinction.

Now, as the Telegraph pointed out, Sarah has since deleted her entire blog, but Google cache still has a copy of the post and I have now uploaded that to an internet archive site so everybody can read it at their leisure.

What it shows is that whilst Sarah Olney is not a Brexiteer, she is also not a supporter of her party's inane policy of trying to reverse Brexit via another referendum.

So why should the people of Richmond choose her over Goldsmith? He at least has the virtue of being consistent in his opposition to both Heathrow expansion and the European Union. The Lib-Dems on the other hand have a history of agreeing to anything if there is the chance of a whiff of power, as they proved in 2010 when they ditched their policy of opposition to an increase in student fees.

How can anyone in Richmond be sure that they will not abandon their opposition to the new runway if the price is right? They have a candidate who seems to accept Brexit, so that cannot now be an issue. Far better to stick with Goldsmith who has put his career on the line to oppose the airport plans I would have thought.

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