Friday 4 March 2016

As Wildern School declares UKIP a racist party, will support for Brexit grow amongst the parents?

To be fair the school is claiming that there was only a limited amount of time, so the kids were told to just concentrate on the three main parties, but according to one parent, that line is bollocks.

So who to believe? Well, the school has form when it comes to trying to intimidate pupils into thinking along lines set by the teaching trade who work there, so I am inclined to go with the parents on this one.

Anyway, let's congratulate the Maldern teaching trade for this latest bollocks, for it be good bollocks. It's bollocks that you have to ponder for a moment, wondering if it might be true, before concluding that typical, trendy, bourgeois  bollocks it is.

What the trendies don't seem to grasp, is that this referendum is not just about leaving the EU. It is also a referendum on them, their values, and the way in which they try to force the rest of us to accept those values.

As things stand, it looks as if an awful lot of people in this particular school's catchment area will be voting to leave the EU, and give the two-fingered salute to some fairly odious members of the teaching trade, both at the same time.

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