Wednesday 2 March 2016

UKIP offers a bad solution to the London housing problem

UKIP has an interesting party political broadcast going out tonight for the London Assembly Elections, fronted by Paul Whittle, the party's candidate for Major:

It makes the quite valid point that there is not enough housing for British people in the capital city, but it falls down when all it does is advocate is an end to open door immigration.

The point is that very many of the people who are flooding into London are actually in the country illegally. Trying to do something about the borders with yet more rules and regulations, which is what UKIP seems to be offering, is not going to put a stop to the pull factors that bring people from the Third World to London, especially when they creep in illegally.

What is needed is an end to the hire and fire economy that allows employers to pay crap wages for crap jobs. If employment was fully regulated, with strong unions encouraged across the board then that would lead to an end of the crap jobs market as the businesses would just cease to trade.

Then, if regulations were introduced to force foreign workers to have their qualifications validated by British bureaucracy, yet another level of scab labour would be reduced. For instance, if all heavy good vehicle license holders had to have their foreign license validated from an office in Fort William that was only open one afternoon a month, with no on-line applications allowed, then that would get rid of Boris and Pavel pretty much at a stroke.

So yes, UKIP are finally waking up to the need to build more council houses, but that is not the be all and end all of the problem.

We have to make it plain that voting for Brexit is not enough, and voting for UKIP in May is little more than a protest.

What we need is Brexit plus a plan to take back control of our economy and run it in the interests of the British people. UKIP is not offering that, and sadly neither is anyone else.

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