Sunday 13 March 2016

The Secrets of the Santa Muerte is now available as an e-book

The Secrets of the Santa Muerte is now available as an e-book at all the Amazon sites. If you live in the UK, then click this link to go straight to the download page.

The e-book costs a very reasonable £2.99, or you can get it free if you are signed up to Kindle Unlimited.

The paperback version is still only available from the publisher's site, but I still hope to have it on Amazon by the end of May at the latest. To be honest, I think that this book really does belong on your bookshelf, with the e-version acting as a backup when you are on your travels.

So what do you get for less than a fiver? In short, the most comprehensive account of the Santa Muerte folk religion that is available in English. To research it I not only read as many original Mexican sources as possible, I also spoke to over a dozen adherents of the Santa Muerte in that country.

It is not a dry, academic text, rather it is a how-to guide, which gives the low-down on as many of the rituals as possible, with full translations of everything into English, so that the rituals are practicable in the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in the British Wicca, or just have an interest in exotic, syncretic beliefs, then this is certainly a slim volume that you will want to consider.

So mote it be!

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