Tuesday 17 June 2014

The independence referendum is very laid back indeed

Colin and Chris Weir are two lottery winners who scooped £161 million pounds back in 2011 and have used their fabulous wealth to help many charitable causes. On the political front they donated £1 million to aid the Yes Scotland campaign, and in effect bankrolled it for eighty percent of its revenues last year. For that they were attacked as dupes by the Daily Mail, which did one of its celebrated hatchet jobs on the Weirs, and the couple got their revenge by donating another £1 million to the Yes Scotland coffers. Funnily enough, the insults seem to have died down, probably because even the most bone-headed singer of The Sash has realised that the Weirs have more money than Be Tory Together has insults.

The authoress JK Rowling donated £1 million to Better Together, and was attacked for her pains by over enthusiastic nationalists, until adults like Jim Sillars stepped in and told them to stop playing silly buggers. The attacks on JK Rowling were vile in every sense of the word, but not only that they were politically maladroit. Hurling insults at Mother Rowling who has given so much to progressive causes in Scotland is just insane, and it threatened to make the Yes Scotland campaign look like an offshoot of a Trotskyite group at one of the crappier universities.

Given nonsenses like this, you would expect that the London press has a point when it runs the latest invented tale about the evil Cybernats who are threatening retribution against anyone who votes no in September. Alas, whilst there may be a few spotty oiks sat in their bedrooms spewing bile, nobody takes them very seriously, probably because the referendum is not at the top of most people's agendas. Certainly that is the case in Edinburgh's Foot of the Walk, which is my favourite swill shop. There a pint of heavy costs just £1.95 and talk of the Indy-Ref is so muted that it does not disturb that froth on the men's pints.

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