Saturday 7 June 2014

Identity of the two sexy BA air hostesses revealed

This video was all over the web last year so you've probably seen it a thousand times already. I didn't run it back then because I was trying to have a really serious political blog, but now I've realised that the way to improve the stat-porn is to sleaze things up and slide the politics in through the back door, let's objectify, as the feminists say, these two little lovelies in their British Airways uniforms.

The video was sold to the Sun as featuring two BA stewardesses, but actually it involves Dannii Harwood being soaped by Lucy Zara. Both are models, and yeah, the video is a fake, but it's still enough to provide turbulence in the trouser department. 

When the video first surfaced BA actually thought that they were genuine trolley dollies, and mounted an investigation before a po-faced spokesman admitted that they had been had.

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