Wednesday 23 April 2014

First smear of the year aimed at UKIP

I suppose that St. George's Day is as good a day as any for the first political smear of the year to plop through my letter box, having been forwarded to me from my old address in Nelson, Lancashire.

The gist of the anonymous letter, printed on both sides of an A4 sheet and signed "UKIP Loyalists" is that "the police have evidence of multi million pound frauds, theft and child pornography on EU owned computers." The letter goes on to advise everyone to dump UKIP, especially the candidates for next month's elections, as otherwise they will have to explain themselves to the police who, we are assured, will raid every UKIP home. The letter, reproduced in full in this posting, goes on to state that when the party is declared bankrupt, individual members will be responsible for its debts. 

What are we to make of this? Well, it is obviously old wank of the highest order, but it has been produced by some outfit that has access to at least some of the East Lancashire branch's membership list. Seemingly it still has my name on it even though I have not been a member of UKIP since they slung me out last year for not toeing the line when it came to worshipping the memory of Maggot Thatcher.

So who wants to try and damage UKIP in East Lancashire? The list is long, to put it mildly, starting with me. That said, I prefer to tell the truth about the party, which is that in spite of what Farage claims, it is not an outfit that offers anything to the people who live from McWork or benefits on the big city council estates. I want Britain out of the EU so that revenge can be taken for the events of the past three decades, starting with a government that can tax the middle class until the pips squeak. All I need to do is remind people of just how much the average UKIP members loves Thatcher and everything that the old whore stood for - I don't have to lie about UKIP, not when I can tell the truth about the party.

The local Tories are the party most threatened by UKIP, but I have my doubts that the finger can be pointed at them. When the Tories do a smear it is usually a good one and this one is far too long and much too clumsy. Besides, why should the party that gave us the recent Mail on Sunday smear on food banks resort to posting missives like this: they would feed a story to the press and leave the grubby hacks to do their dirty work for them.

To be honest, it reads like something that the far right would produce. If you have ever seen a British National Party or British Democrat leaflet then you will know that they believe in filling every inch of space on a page. Given that they both have strong memberships in that part of England, and given also that they hate UKIP more than they hate each other, I would tend to look there for the culprits.

However, how did they get an old copy of the UKIP membership list that has my name on it? Well, last year when UKIP was trying to get rid of me someone in the party was briefing a far right website that I am a wicked leftist who has a bust of Uncle Joe Stalin in his living room. Those are not smears, by the way, they happen to be true, but the point is that when the BNP website ran the story none of the press even knew that there was a fight going on between yours truly and the lovers of the Blessed Margaret in East Lancs UKIP.

So, looked at in this light, the story is not about a long, tedious letter with its mad allegations: the story is about continuing links between UKIP and the headbanging right.

Update, 11.45PM:

I checked the postmark, something which I should have done at the start, and saw that the letters were both franked at the Birmingham Mail Centre, one on the 17th of this month at 8.56pm and the other on the 19th at 8.08am. So my notion that this is something restricted to East Lancashire is clearly not correct and this is a nationwide campaign.

Funnily enough, a spoiler party called An Independence From Europe, which will run in all nine English regions, is also Birmingham based.

Sitting in the pub tonight, I spoke on the phone to a very good friend in UKIP and he reported that a lot of people are getting these letters, so clearly the people behind the smear have money to spend on this action.

The plot thickens!

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