Friday 25 April 2014

How English commentators on the Scottish debate help the nationalists

There are two things that English commentators do with the Scottish independence debate which I find really irritating. Well, actually there are a lot more, but these two are the biggies that spring to mind.

The first is the jovial claim that if Scotland becomes independent then Hadrian's Wall needs to be brought back into use because, of course, Scotland will be such a basket case that thousands of Sweaties will be fleeing south.

This line irritates on so many levels, especially since the advocates obviously do not realise that the whole wall falls quite a long way inside England. Are they seriously offering Scotland several thousand miles of new territory, or are they just fucktards who don't understand the political geography of the country they are trying to save?

My guess is the latter, so if they do not know where the border truly runs, why should people take anything else they say seriously? 

Secondly, we have the crude attempt to delegitimise the vote by claiming that the Scottish diaspora cannot vote in it. 

Someone really should take these buffoons aside and teach them that we do not yet have English or Scottish nationalities, and that we are all still British. Thus the people who will vote on the 18th September 2014 are the British people who are resident in Scotland. Is that so hard to understand? Probably so for a fucktard.

I think that the Better Together campaign might try to reign in some of its more idiotic on-line supporters, or at least disown them.

Update, 10.10am:

I see that Norman Tebbitt has just posted over at the Telegraph and yes, he came out with all the old wank discussed above. Well, that's a few more votes for independence in the bag I reckon.

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